#WeeklyDigest [W03Y21]

97% of marketing executives said the pandemic sped up digital transformation. Customer data architecture, seamless omnichannel execution, and AI-powered personalization are the must-haves. What have we already learned from 2020?

63% of consumers pay for at least one loyalty program. When do paid loyalty programs make sense?

How to listen to your data? What's the difference between descriptive statistics and inferential statistics? What are the types of numerical and categorical variables?

What is your site's top search behavior per device? Understand your visitors' journeys based on the various device scenarios, prioritize the content development, format, and placement within the site structure and navigation.

How to communicate data effectively to create outcomes both inside and outside your own organization? Spark action, craft recommendations, write clear research observations, master your slide docs, and inspire others with data that matters.

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