#WeeklyDigest [W07Y21]

Why the Amazon founder believes eight hours of sleep is the key to boosting productivity and making high-quality decisions. What are the discoveries published in the Annual of Neurology?

Assessing the pros and cons of selling with Amazon has never been more critical. How can retailers best navigate a world of e-commerce giants? And how do they do so in a way that allows them to manage the best essential data in consumer relationships and personalisation?

Daily inspirations from the world’s most renowned marketing expert - Seth Godin - the funder of Akimbo, the author of 19 books, translated into 35 languages, that have been bestsellers worldwide. No spam, ever.

There is significant variance in how consumers respond to the crisis and adapt to the next normal. These insights hold true across the 45 countries tracked through the crisis. Shift to value and essentials, a shock to loyalty, homebody economy, flight to digital, and holiday outlook.

Resilient leadership as a response to a global pandemic? Leadership is not about titles, status or power over people. And courage, a collection of four skill sets supported by twenty-eight behaviours, can be taught, developed and measured. This #1 NYT bestseller helps you ask the right questions.

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