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Since the coronavirus hit in early 2020, new consumer behaviour patterns have emerged, presenting a fundamental shift in the way consumers work, shop, socialize, and interact with brands and companies. It’s a new era of opportunity for brands and companies. This white paper explores key insights, proven strategies, and connection approaches to the emotional dimension of a home as a shelter.

Giants like Walmart, Aldi and Carrefour, the world's largest retailers, with revenues approaching the hundreds of billions, have invested heavily in big data, analytics and data science forming a core part of their decision making. Loyalty schemes allow the company to stitch together a customer's entire history of transactions, gaining more insight than through looking at baskets in isolation. The richness of this data provides value in many ways across the organisation.

Have you ever heard a term GIGO? Businesses need to ensure that their data collection methods bring in only high-quality data. Otherwise, analytics will generate low-quality insights that will cost you time and money. Check how to apply preventive actions.

Bestselling author and leadership expert - Simon Sinek breaks down the five things you need to play successfully the infinite game of business. Have you ever listened to "The EntreLeadership Podcast"?

Before you can influence decisions, you need to understand what drives them. 25 short chapters, each addressing a cognitive bias and outlining simple ways to apply it to your marketing challenges. From priming to the pratfall effect, charm pricing to the curse of knowledge, the science of behavioural economics has never been easier to apply to marketing. Winner of the Sales and Marketing Category at the Business Book Awards and voted #1 in the BBH World Cup of Advertising Books.

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