#WeeklyDigest [W16Y21]

What do we actually do with the data we collect, and how does it affect the business? Valuable expert insights from Medicover, Samsung, RTV Euro, and ING Bank Śląski.

In times of crisis, like COVID-19, it's critical to keep a cool head and formulate a plan using the full spectrum of data-driven marketing technologies that will set your team up for success. These tips will help you effectively and empathetically reach your customers in crisis times, make sure your message counts, and avoid annoying customers and souring your brand reputation. Check it now!

Official tweets from Google's public liaison of search, @dannysullivan, and insights on how Google search works.

What problems you can solve by applying Machine Learning. Tips on data cleaning, low vs high signal data, explore-exploit mode, transfer learning, iterations, overfitting, and ensembling.

Motivate, engage, and engender true loyalty among your customers, employees, and partners, combining behavioural economics, big data, social media, and gamification. Loyalty 3.0 arms you with case studies from today's most innovative companies that are already driving customer engagement, learning and skill development, and employee motivation with Loyalty 3.0 methods. It's a game-changing step-by-step guide on how to plan, design, build and optimize your program.

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