#WeeklyDigest [W18Y21]

The seemingly unstoppable rise of e-commerce, sophisticated customer analytics, personalized sounds and smells, digital mannequins that “know” your clothing preferences, automated home delivery—these are just some of the elements that will shape the shopping experience in the coming years. What should you know about: the "phygital" shopping experience, personalization, sustainability, community and fun?

What did Hearst UK achieve? They implemented a successful campaign across email, social media, web, and video, registering 9,500 shoppers in just two weeks. They generated a massive volume of views to the fair’s shopping pages during the event, with 50% of all registered shoppers purchasing. They developed a go-forward plan to monetize virtual events with rich insights making this an additional revenue stream. How to create consumer awareness and excitement?

You can earn customer trust by repeating good behaviour and providing value to customers, they can’t get anywhere else. Loyalty programs are an often-overlooked aspect of customer experience, but they can be vital in building relationships and loyalty with customers—when they’re done well. How to build trust through effective programs that get results?

Why is marketing so challenging? How can we do it more effectively? Improve your marketing skills with Seth Godin's expertise. Insightful tips on the mentality, strategy, and common mistakes.

How marketers can integrate technological and business model evolution to address customers' needs and make a difference in the world. Perfect for traditional and digital marketers. Philip Kotler covers the crucial topics necessary to understand modern marketing: artificial Intelligence for marketing automation, agile marketing, "segments of one" marketing, contextual technology, facial recognition and voice tech for marketing, the future of Customer Experience (CX), transmedia storytelling, the "whatever-whenever-wherever" service delivery, "everything-as-a-service" business model, internet of things and blockchain for marketing, virtual and augmented reality marketing, corporate activism.

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