#WeeklyDigest [W22Y21]

How to begin? To create a seamless omnichannel experience across digital, remote, and in-person channels, successful Medtech players follow a process with these six elements.

Check how the cinema leader:

  1. boosted open rates to 35% & clickthrough rates to 14% for new email campaigns during the pandemic

  2. used email campaigns & website personalization to generate consumer interest & excitement about a new at-home cinema streaming experience

  3. kept customers engaged & informed during pandemic lockdown with email newsletters, surveys, contests & more.

CX experts from Ford Motor Company, Prudential Financial, Roche, Schneider Electric, Informatica and Footlocker share lessons on how to craft loyalty winning digital customer experiences by removing points of friction and enhancing customer care. It has become mission-critical for brands to implement dedicated digital experience teams, unify data streams for a centralized view of customers and understand behaviour across digital channels.

How to implement user segmentation using RFM in BigQuery ML and visualize the results in the Data Studio to help make critical marketing decisions. What are the benefits?

Great leaders aren't measured by their volume but by their ability to be truly heard. In this visual and accessible communication guidebook, Duarte and Sanchez lay out a plan to help you lead people through the five stages of transformation using speeches, stories, ceremonies, and symbols and inspire those around you to support and execute your vision. Tools that great leaders like Steve Jobs, Howard Schultz, and Dr Martin Luther King Jr. used to move people.

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