#WeeklyDigest [W25Y21]

Customer loyalty programs account for more than 3.3 billion memberships in the United States alone because of the tremendous benefits. However, new research conducted by professors at the Wharton School and the customer experience consultancy the Verde Group reveals an important downside of loyalty programs. So what are the three steps to mitigate the boomerang effect?

Check the key benefits. Learn how easily you can track and gather on-domain browser data in real-time with proprietary tracking tags that create profiles for anonymous visitors and identified customers alike. Analyze and define your audiences based on their actions, purchase history, or CRM profile data – and retarget those audiences in your lifecycle campaigns based on the rules you establish.

Gartner's predictions for 2021 include growth in hyper-automation, as organizations rely on intelligent automation tools to rapidly identify, vet and automate, to deliver on digital experiences. Join expert talks on hyper-automation, scaling, ROI, and digital workers. [REGISTER FOR FREE]

How to explain data effectively and inspire action? Use proximity, scale, hierarchy, and relationships between information, making your message easily understood. Choose from more than 4,000 customizable diagrams and download the free PowerPoint®-ready file to enhance your presentation.

Learn how the consumer's brain works, why people buy and how to use that knowledge to improve pricing, increase sales, create better "brain-friendly" brand messaging. Be a more effective leader! Discover tools you can use to influence consumers. Go beyond data science for business and apply behavioural economics.

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