#WeeklyDigest [W28Y21]

75% of enterprises using AI and machine learning enhance customer satisfaction, increase sales of new products and services by more than 10%. Understand, anticipate and act on the problems faster and with more clarity than any competitor!

Micro-moments are moments in time when consumers want to know, to do, to buy, or to go. Translate them into sales, boost loyalty, and enhance long-term brand perception.

The trend battleground of grocery shopping? Every minute counts in a race to deliver fresh foods. InPost answers with its app. You can order products directly to your home or pick them up wherever you prefer! The tests are carried out in Warsaw, but InPost plans to expand the scope of locations.

How ShopBack positioned itself as a pre-shopping destination to cement user loyalty. Let's check how to use performance marketing to unearth and exploit unexpected customer segments and to upend the established pay-per-click model with a cost-per-sale approach.

Google Analytics is a free platform that you can use to improve your digital properties' performance significantly. Unfortunately, many are deterred from using the data provided by Analytics because they fear that it is too complicated, too technical, and too time-consuming. "Google Analytics Demystified" eliminates all of these potential barriers.

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