#WeeklyDigest [W36Y21]

The deal comes as buy now, pay later options have enjoyed increasing popularity amid a pandemic-fueled surge in e-commerce, especially among younger consumers who may prefer the method as an alternative to credit cards. What categories of products will be available?

Zalando, Europe's leading fashion commerce platform, created a new, flexible data architecture designed to minimize complexity and supercharge efficiency. Discover the challenges Zalando faced and solutions that were implemented.

What is the power of data? According to reports, the Taliban have access to U.S.-collected biometrics data on a host of Afghan citizens, which could expose them to reprisal...

Waiting in line is no one’s favourite thing, but the circumstances in which we find ourselves queued up play a huge role in how we experience the delay. What are the three strategies businesses can use for making lines better?

Learn easy to understand behavioural economics principles, equivalent to a full year of MBA coursework and perform practical exercises with your team. Irrational labs?

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