#WeeklyDigest [W37Y21]

The program now includes nearly 24 million members, representing about 25% of the brand’s customers. Those members helped the brand generate a record year so far in digital sales, which surpassed the $2 billion... What is the new feature of the loyalty program?

How to 'reinvent the wheel'? With the swagger.io framework, you can enhance the functionality! From loading data into lists to triggering journeys based on external events –this API provides a rich set of functions to help you automate both your fast data and your marketing programs.

Security in cyberspace? Microsoft president Brad Smith describes the chaos inside the tech giant during the SolarWinds hack. Why was the attack so devastating?

How consumers' spending patterns and purchasing behaviours are changing, and what companies should do given those changes. What is a 'reversal of fortune' for the big brands?

Let's discover how Google, Intel, Bono, and the Gates Foundation rock the world with OKRs. Achieve explosive growth and help your organization thrive.

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