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Amazon launched its Amazon Prime service offering free delivery and video streaming in Poland. What's Allegro's response to that situation?

Analysts expect Black Friday online sales to keep increasing by 20%(!) year-on-year to hit $17 billion. Drawing on trends from 2020, when brick-and-mortar traffic dropped 52% amid pandemic lockdown, this guide charts a way forward with hybrid omnichannel engagement and data-driven personalization. Are you ready to beat the competition?

More than three-quarters of consumers have changed their buying habits in the past 18 months—and are increasingly willing to change brands. How to focus on customer behaviour, segment by segment? Do you know what metrics need to be measured?

Over 6K members! Data Science Warsaw is the largest community of data scientists in Poland, based in Warsaw. Are you interested in data science, data engineering, and artificial intelligence? Or maybe you want to participate in Data Science Summit, Infoshare, PyData Warsaw, or Big Data Technology Warsaw Summit?

Remember that time you screwed up simple math or forgot the name of your favourite song? What if someone told you that such embarrassing "brain farts" are secret weapons, proof of your superiority to computers and AI? Why perfectionism is pointless, and mistakes, missteps, and flaws are the keys to success?

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