#WeeklyDigest [W43Y21]

With SDS PRO, marketers can:

  1. build customized dashboards to fit different use cases and KPIs

  2. connect multiple data sources into a single place

  3. filter dashboards over time to identify patterns and trends

  4. identify opportunities for improvement and optimization and build actionable segments.


Let's overview:

  1. user needs + defining success

  2. data collection + evaluation

  3. mental models

  4. explainability + trust

  5. feedback + control

  6. errors + graceful failure.

How to create a tiered loyalty program? What are the three types of loyalty, and why so few companies excel at reaching the principle? How to upgrade traditional loyalty programs to foster customer-first, digital-centred loyalty experiences? And many more...

Given the recent surge of the Delta variant, we will continue to track consumer sentiment, and behaviour changes as the next normal continues to evolve. Discover the 5 trends.

Based on an exten­sive proprietary study of how, where, and why we complain, "Hug Your Haters" proves that there are two types of complainers, each with very differ­ent motivations. Learn about case studies from businesses of all types and sizes from around the world, the best strate­gies for different situations, and inspirational stories of companies responding with speed, compassion, and humanity.

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