Selligent and Laurens Coster - Smarter Marketing Automation for Optimal Results


We are the only Selligent partner in Poland and we have been working within the system with brands such as Biedronka, Puma or Delikatesy Centrum. We helped those brands with their client data management, client segmentation, building automated marketing strategies and plans and planing campaign triggers. Laurens Coster is experienced in both getting the data integrated into Selligent, building segments and personalized user journeys and executing campaigns for our clients. Thanks to our collaborations, these brands were able to take marketing automation to a new level, allowing for significant time savings in marketing teams. We repeatedly pushed the limits of Selligent Marketing Cloud with our IT and Marketing Automation skills, proving that while working with a right partner, everythig is possible.

Laurens Coster is also a winner of 2 Selligent Awards for the most intersting campaigns built within the tool.

Selligent Marketing Cloud

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Elevate Your Marketing Efforts with Selligent Marketing Cloud and the Expertise of Laurens Coster!

Selligent Marketing Cloud is an end-to-end platform built for the complexity of modern marketing. It empowers marketers to integrate evolving data sets, harness automation for customization, and execute personalized marketing at scale, and combines universal data integration, AI-driven automation, and omnichannel execution, so your marketing team can run extensive campaigns with ease. Selligent is a part of Marigold’s family of products.


Deliver personalized and automated communication to your customers today!


Selligent and Laurens Coster - Smarter Marketing Automation for Optimal Results

Learn what you can get by combining Selligent Marketing Cloud possibilities with Laurens Coster's data-driven approach!


Integrate customer data from your entire stack in real time.

Selligent Marketing Cloud makes it simple to centralize data coming from all your data sources in one location, and consolidate consumer activity, wherever it happens, through a single consumer profile.

Rapid Onboarding & Integration

Merge our platform with your entire martech stack in weeks, not months.

Multiple Active Data Sources

Make all of your data consolidated and actionable, with quick and seamless integration.

360° View Customer Data Profiles

Get a full data picture of every customer, to drive intelligent actions at scale.


Expand your marketing capabilities with powerful automation. Selligent Cortex puts AI at your fingertips, unlocking unprecedented automation and personalization.

Powerful Automation Capabilities

Enhance your marketing efforts with automated personalization.

Custom Data-Defined User Experiences

Market with granularity, by developing a unique experience for each individual.

Easy Integration with Existing Business & Sales Systems

Leverage your entire stack to kickstart a more effective marketing engine.


Reach your customers wherever they are with omnichannel execution. Launch integrated campaigns, identify cross-channel opportunities, and instantly shape messaging at every point on the customer journey, from a centralized dashboard.

Omnichannel Execution

More than just an ESP, Selligent brings together email, web, social, SMS, print, and more, all in a single journey.

End-to-End Ease of Use

Build and initiate custom, no-code, drag-and-drop journeys, from our intuitive UI.

Individualized Touchpoint

Personalize content wherever possible, and connect to evolving 360° view customer data profiles.

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Data Collection

Data Collection

To make sure that you monitor relevant data sources.

Data Quality

Data Quality

Clean up your data for seamless integration and trustworthy analytics!

Data Integration

Data Integration

Gather your data in a data warehouse: unlock new insights with our expertise in data integration.