The World of Data - What Exactly Does Laurens Coster Do?

The World of Data - What Exactly Does Laurens Coster Do?

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The challenge posed by most clients is that, during our initial interactions, the outcome of our work isn't always clear. Here, the phrase 'it depends' is not an exaggeration. We engage in tasks like marketing campaigns, analyses, reports, or even implementations, and at times, the outset of marketing strategy or entire organizational transformation.

The World of Data - What Exactly Does Laurens Coster Do?

What does it depend on? Since data is at the core of our work, it's the quality, specificity, and precise purpose of its collection that give rise to challenges we must tackle. Another equally vital consideration is the scale in which we'll operate, as entirely different practices prove effective in small and large businesses. Diverse goals and techniques apply to mature, well-established brands versus those that are emerging or facing declining trends.

The most natural and agile domain for adapting data management services is the expansive realm of eCommerce. Here, the entire purchasing process unfolds online, making it an ideal landscape for our services. In this context, we aim to uncover:

  • The precise visitors to our e-store and their origin
  • The impact of our advertising on user behavior, such as their first-time purchase or subsequent increase in transactions
  • Addressing scenarios where a sales campaign initially thrived, but a subsequent surge in returns requires investigation. Did a misleading ad trigger a sense of deception among buyers?
  • Most crucially, we strive to centralize this data, eliminating the need to toggle between tools like CRM, ERP, WMS, POS, Google Analytics, CDP, and other fragmented sources.

The most challenging aspect currently is the dynamic shift in needs and data-handling capabilities. Sometimes, the solutions we recommend today lie well beyond our clients' familiar territory. At other times, the tools evolve so rapidly that what seems complex today could be effortlessly achieved tomorrow.

However, it is our role to know what is happening in this exponentially growing world of data. This knowledge can become an external asset not only for our clients but also for our partners. Currently, no artificial intelligence will be able to build relationships and engagement in pursuing a goal. These two qualities are precisely the very important value we aim to derive and share.




December 15, 2023

The World of Data - What Exactly Does Laurens Coster Do?

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