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Be where your clients are: A personalized in-app game as a way to engage clients more‍

Hebe Quiz


Hebe app is one of the key points of contact between the customers and the brand. In 2022, Hebe wanted to increase the number of app downloads and registrations. For 5 weeks in September-October 2022 Laurens Coster and Hebe run a Quiz Game campaign, that allowed Hebe to attract their present and new customers and engage with them on a whole new level!






6 weeks





38 days of personalized journeys

About the client

Hebe is a specialised health and beauty chain with more than 300 stores in Poland, that is part of Jeronimo Martins. Its business concept is based on offering high quality services at very competitive prices. In 2022, the company consolidated its omnichannel approach, strengthening the integration between the digital channel and the physical store network. Hebe’s online shop also sells to the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Hebe wanted to form closer connection with its loyal customers and attract new clients. The idea for the game was that only customers logged in the app would have the possibility to participate in the game, therefore had hopes for new customers joining the loyalty program. The game was available through the app, for logged-in customers, who could win a maximum of 1 prize a day and 3 prizes during the whole campaign, from a total prize pool of 113 thousand products! For those who kept trying, but did not win anything within 5 days, automated consolation campaign was set in SMC. An additional advantage of the game was the possibility to highlight the partner brands available in the chain and join forces in boosting sales for the products - partner brands were sponsoring the awards on specific days of the game, showcasing their products on game landing pages. The game was based on the idea of 3 multiple-choice questions on the products, or product brands, with those products being available to win on the given day. Prize coupons on the day were granted to persons who answered in the shortest time (from the moment of opening the question to clicking on the answer button). Consolation prizes were also distributed to customers not successful in winning the main coupons on multiple days, and all awards coupons were available to customers directly in Hebe app.

The Hebe Quiz was a technical project at the junction of several areas of IT, Marketing Automation, Project Management, and communication. The key was to implement the project with minimum interference in client’s existing technological solutions and take advantage of previously implemented tools to create an extraordinary experience for the users.


A marriage of strategy, communication and technology

The campaign was a challenge not only from the technical point of view. The bar was also set high in terms of the timeframe. From the day of sending the brief to the start of the campaign, we had less than six weeks. It was crucial to plan communication so that the user would keep his attention throughout the game. In addition to in-app messages, each participant saw several personalized landing pages out of nine in total. The landing page displayed personalized content, depending on the user's actions.

The personalized content on the landing page was subject to several factors

  • Prizes for a given day
  • Quiz questions with three variants of answers
  • The choice of the displayed "Thank you page" considering the correctness of the answer
  • The advertised partner-sponsor.

The game limit for a given user was also verified in real-time, contributing to the adequacy of the displayed message.

A marriage of strategy, communication and technology

The Hebe concept implemented in close cooperation with Laurens Coster was a technical project at the junction of several areas of IT and communication. We took advantage of:

  • Data warehouse (data source + analytics)
  • Marketing automation (real-time data feed + campaign execution + communication send out + winner selection)
  • Hebe mobile app (competition environment)
  • Landing page (competition flow + supplier's advertisement)

We have developed a content matrix that determines content displayed for landing page creation on specific days. Thanks to this, the information was dynamically personalized. At midnight the prize, the advertised brand, and the set of questions assigned to each day changed.

The award communication was sent the next day because it was necessary to recalculate the results and choose the response time that was the shortest. The marketing automation mechanism sent information about the win simultaneously in four communication channels

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Push notification
  • In-app "Coupons" section

To redeem the prize, the user got an in-app coupon, valid for four days. A Hebe store employee issued a reward after scanning a coupon on a customer's device.
Hebe's purchasing department, in close cooperation with suppliers, organized 113,000 awards. They also developed questions for the Quiz along with multiple-choice answers and watched over the attractiveness of the competition.


Success Stories

Let us not forget those who have not succeeded

The competition aimed to engage all Hebe customers, which is why the brand wanted to reward their commitment. Together with the Hebe team, we have developed a consolation prize mechanism. Users who did not win a prize after five attempts received a 10% discount on online purchases with a minimum cost of PLN 49. The voucher was also sent to the customer and exported to the Hebe mobile app.

Users could win the consolation prize more than once. The selection process of who and when should receive it was designed and configured in Selligent Marketing Cloud.

Automating not only the campaign itself

What the customer saw was just the tip of the iceberg. Automation of all project management processes was also a big challenge. Campaigns with prizes - main and consolation - were sent automatically, seven days a week, and the data supplying them was available in the system every day at 10:00 AM.

Reports were sent daily until noon to verify the accuracy of processes and facilitate early troubleshooting.

Laurens Coster prepared:

  • Report for the Purchasing / Logistics Department
    on the daily number of products won in the Quiz along with the estimation of the number of customers who can pick up the product in a given stationary drugstore (based on the measure of the customer's favorite store and the place where they made their last purchase)
  • Report for the Customer Service Department
    on the daily number of winners along with their Loyalty Card numbers, which helped to improve the service of the competition on the hotline and reduce possible fraud
  • Report for the Hebe Project Team
    on the statistics of the Quiz - the number of visits to the website, the number of participants, correct answers, wins, etc to measure interest in the campaign

Challenges and quality assurance measures

We designed the base of the campaign in the Selligent Marketing Cloud (SMC) platform, using its numerous possibilities and the ingenuity of our specialists. Laurens Coster is the only SMC partner in Poland. In 2018 we implemented it for Hebe.

The entire process, from the first interaction with the Quiz banner ad, was created and carried out in SMC. We conducted performance tests to ensure the solution stability and smoothness of operation even during very high user traffic.
Together with the Hebe project team we tested the flow of the competition for all 38 days of the Game. By connecting test data we checked the correctness of questions and products displayed for each day before the start of the Quiz. To ensure complete user experience control our Project Manager received each message during the testing stage.

At the concept stage, we identified the risks and determined the path to follow in the event of a system failure, as well as the process of handling crises. We have written out multiple scenarios of undesirable situations within the competition environment, as well as its service. Although good planning and implementation meant that we did not have to use these procedures, having such facilities gave the project team greater work comfort.

After the first busy starting week of the campaign and in the next four weeks, the basic scenario of the action was carried out automatically, practically without any additional involvement.


Campaign benefits

  • Acquiring new customers and app users
  • Interaction with customers and building commitment to the relationship with Hebe
  • Positive publicity on social media
  • Additional transactions revenue from customers collecting rewards
  • Extra turnover from online shopping thanks to the consolation prize

In the business dimension, the additional income generated by Hebe's customers who made a transaction during a visit to the store when collecting the prize was another benefit. As many as 20% of awarded users made such transactions. Redemption of consolation prizes also generated additional turnover during store visits.

The campaign, apart from achieving the assumed goals, also brought benefits to the Hebe brand in additional areas. One of them was spontaneous user-generated content on social media, including Twitter. There, users most often exchanged information about prizes for a given day and the winners shared the news about their wins in the Quiz.  

The combination of factors in the form of close cooperation between the client and the agency, efficient coordination of the work of a team of marketers and IT specialists, the capabilities of the Selligent platform and the anticipation of possible scenarios contributed to the success of the entire campaign. Implementing "Quiz Hebe" showed us that nothing is impossible.