Clean up your data for seamless integration and trustworthy analytics!


Clean data is the fuel that powers today's data-driven world! Accurate data serves as the foundation for meaningful analysis, interpretation, and decision-making. Regardless of how well the data is collected, it can always contain errors, gaps, or duplicates. Errors or inconsistencies often arise from inaccuracies in data entry, collection from different systems, or at different times. Clean, accurate data is essential for the correctness of further analysis and interpretation. The process involves various techniques such as error removal, filling in missing data, removing duplicates, data normalization, and many others.

For example, a global pioneer in pharmaceuticals initiated a data quality project preceding the migration of multiple data sources to Salesforce CRM. The aim was to refine and ensure the accuracy, consistency, and completeness of the data to be transferred, to maximize the effectiveness of the new CRM system. The project involved tight audits of various data sources, identification of anomalies, and the development of strategies to fix any issues found.

Data Quality

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Data Quality Solutions for Optimal Business Performance

At Laurens Coster, we offer top-tier Data Quality services that elevate your data integrity and drive reliable insights for your business. Whether you are undertaking a CRM migration or seeking to optimize your data management, our comprehensive solutions ensure accuracy, consistency, and completeness of your data.

Refining Data for Optimal Effectiveness

Our data quality project involves meticulous audits of various data sources, identifying anomalies, and developing tailored strategies to address any issues found. Through advanced data cleansing techniques, we correct errors, duplicates, and irrelevant data points, preparing your data for seamless migration and preserving data integrity.

Unleashing the Power of Reliable Insights

With our Data Quality solutions, you can trust in the reliability of your data, enabling your new CRM system, like Salesforce, to deliver valuable insights for effective decision-making. Experience enhanced customer relationship management, streamlined processes, and improved data-driven strategies.

Embrace Data Excellence with Us

Maximize the potential of your data through our Data Quality services. Whether it's preparing for a CRM migration or ensuring data integrity for your business, Laurens Coster is a partner in unleashing the true power of data, driving success in today's data-driven world.

Data Care

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Data Care

Clean up your data for seamless integration and trustworthy analytics!

In the digital era, data drives the success of every organization. However, with the increasing volume of data collected, ensuring data quality has become more difficult then ever. Data Quality Management is a set of practices that maintains high-quality information throughout data handling, from acquisition to analysis and implementation.

Why You Need Data Quality Management?

The data crisis poses a challenge for businesses with low-quality data, making it difficult to gain meaningful insights. DQM helps identify and resolve data errors, ensuring data accuracy and data serving its intended purpose.

  1. Better Functioning Business: Proper data management enhances decision-making at all operational levels, improving business efficiency.
  2. Efficient Use of Resources: DQM prevents resource waste, leading to better outcomes and resource allocation.
  3. Competitive Advantage: High-quality data maintains a business's reputation, building a competitive advantage over others.
  4. Good Business Leads: Accurate customer data generates better leads and higher conversion rates.

Key Features of Data Quality Management

A robust DQM system includes data cleansing and profiling.

  1. Data Cleansing: Corrects errors, duplicates, and standardizes data representations, ensuring data meets analysis requirements.
  2. Data Profiling: Monitors data to validate and verify statistical measures, relationships, and descriptions, revealing inconsistencies for correction.

Metrics for Measuring Data Quality

Data quality metrics are crucial in assessing data improvement efforts. Key metrics include:

  1. Accuracy: Measures data's ability to accurately reflect events or objects described.
  2. Completeness: Indicates data comprehensiveness to draw meaningful conclusions.
  3. Consistency: Ensures data consistency across multiple datasets.
  4. Integrity: Tests data compliance with organizational procedures and ensures error-free data.
  5. Timeliness: Evaluates data's readiness for use.

Examples of Data Metrics

  • Ratio of data to errors: Tracks known errors within a data set.
  • Number of empty values: Counts empty fields indicating missing or misplaced information.
  • Data time-to-value: Evaluates time taken to gain meaningful insights from data.
  • Data transformation error rate: Tracks the frequency of data transformation failures.
  • Data storage costs: Reflects data quality improvement when storage costs decline.

Maintaining high-quality data may seem challenging, but organizations embracing DQM gain a competitive edge in the digital marketplace. We are happy to help clean your datasets and ensure data quality in your organization.

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