#WeeklyDigest [W09Y21]

Beyond routine! Understand real insights driving loyalty. Attract customer acquisition. Loyalize B2C and B2B loyalty programs. Innovate beyond classic programs: engagement, experience and emotions. Develop cross/up-selling based on loyalty and relations. Analyze data-driven loyalty. Retain customers.

Why do 74% of customers feel frustrated? What do 64% of customers request? How much time do customers usually wait for loading the website? What is the critical factor when it comes to buying for 53% of consumers?

Piwik PRO challenges Google and provides its secure analytics platform for free. Privacy-compliant analytics, build-in consent management and EU hosting. Join the waiting list.

Enhanced marketing plans, interconnected brand touchpoints, streamlined communication, cost savings, productivity boost, higher-quality work, efficiency... Discover which tasks you can deploy to an automated marketing solution.

This book collects the best articles, websites, and free training courses online about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, Business Intelligence, Analytics, and others to help you start learning and develop your skills.

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