Data for those who are not yet data-fluent.

Data for those who are not yet data-fluent.

The power of data

Not sure what it’s all about? That’s fine. I didn’t know either.

If you’re reading this, it might mean you’re a bit like me. You know there is a lot of data out there and you know you should probably be making use of it. After all, we work in marketing and we’ve read so much about how data will change the world and how we can leverage it to deliver even more personalized experiences. We’ve looked at statistics and we’ve looked at analytics, and we might make decisions based on them. But there is so much underneath!

The power of Laurens Coster is in the underlying calculations!
Data for those who are not yet data-fluent.

Let me take you through the basics and explain - in a language that someone who’s not a data nerd can understand.

Choosing the right data to work with.

We live in a world where you can never complain that there is not enough data available. Whether you collect data about your customers and your business or not, it’s possible you have rather too much than too little. Any analytics that you see or have would not be helpful, if it’s not based on the right sets of data. You might be collecting data you don’t actually need or some that’s duplicated - no worries, we know what to do.

Laurens Coster is skilled at auditing your data for you and helping you make decisions about what to take into consideration. Our team can measure which data sources impact your analytics, how the results change based on the data taken into consideration and plan the data journey with you.

Read about our original RIVA Framework to find out more.

Storing your data - where, why and how?

Data can come in various forms and from various sources. It can be structured (like an excel table) or unstructured (like a picture or video). It can be easy to combine (like excel tables in the same format) or require processing to combine (like exports from 3 different programs). It is more than likely that your data comes in many different formats and the magic of companies like ours is that you should not be worried about that :)

Data can be stored in a storage (where it just “is” and nothing happens to it) or a data lake, and it can be processed and aggregated to a common format where information coming from different sources is combined. That’s where data warehouses come in.

Data warehouse is the one single place where your data from different sources is stored, aggregated, combined and then analyzed and where you can get your reports from. All in one place. Nowadays, this one place is also in the cloud.

Laurens Coster has years of expertise in building and designing data warehouses in different cloud solutions available on the market. You don’t need to understand the technology behind it to leverage the insights having a data warehouse can give you.

You can read more about that at: Data Warehouses

The power of analytics or rather - who’s making the decisions?

Is data smarter than you? No. And at Laurens Coster we believe data is not yet knowledge. But once it is organized and used correctly - data is your most powerful tool! With structured data you can perform various analytics and build models to calculate and predict things such as: when would you start losing money with your loyalty program? How much can you save by changing the price of just one of your services? Which customers should you care the most about?

Data will not make decisions for you. Neither will Laurens Coster. But we can give you tools to figure out what impact your decisions would have on the business you run, and equip you with a set of recommendations and tools to make your decisions as informed as possible.

If you want to find out more about analytics, check out: Analytics

Marketing Automation

Once all your customer data is perfectly collected and stored and you’re leveraging the power of analytics, it’s time to use it to enhance your marketing! With new information that you have about your customers, you can start with smart segmentation, creating personalized customer journeys, preparing target and control groups for your campaigns and… measuring everything! And all that with much less time needed, as data gives you an insight into all your clients. You can get an overview of your customers through a CRM platform and implement a tool for communication deployments.

Laurens Coster is an official partner of Selligent Marketing Cloud - a leading platform for marketing automation. We can help plan your journey maps, segmentation, communication plans and performance analytics. Our Project Managers and Marketing Automation Specialists have already sent thousands of campaigns. Lean on them!

Read more about Marketing Solutions with Laurens Coster.

And if you simply want to find our more about what different data words mean, check out our skills!

The power of Laurens Coster team lies in two major aspects. First of all, even if you don’t understand data - you don’t need to. We will help you turn it into knowledge. Secondly - we can be there for you at every step. From Data Collection - where you actually start collecting data, through Data Quality (where we decide which data you need), Data Integration (where we combine and store all data), Data Insights (where we perform analytics and boost data-driven decisions) to Data Activation - where we use what we’ve learned together to actually deliver communication to your customers and see results. Our unique power is that we deliver services across all stages and regardless of whether you need us just at one of the touchpoints or to guide you through it all - we’re here to turn data into knowledge with you.



August 31, 2023

Data for those who are not yet data-fluent.

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