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Why use a survey to ask customers about their experiences when data about customer interactions can be used to predict satisfaction? Predictive CX platforms become the foundation for linking CX to value and building clear business cases for CX im­provement. How to turn data into insight and action?

Have you heard about DTC brands? How these brands handle design processes, trend forecasting, their manufacturing and sourcing relationships.

“With the help of Selligent’s email technology, we expect to drive $750,000 from our transactional email program by delivering relevant cross and upsell messages in our operational email.” Shera Shrago, Senior Manager of Interactive Marketing at FootSmart.com.

How the pandemic changed the way companies approach customers and how to measure CX ROI. The best loyalty programs in the US, shifting to contactless payments, and Gen Z's recovery from the pandemic-induced recession.

Insights from the fields of Behavioural Economics, psychology and neuro-economics. Phil Barden reveals what decision science explains about people s purchase behaviour and specifically demonstrates its value to marketing. He deciphers the secret codes of products, services and brands to explain why people buy them. Finally, he shows how to apply this knowledge in day-to-day marketing to great effect by dramatically improving key factors such as relevance, differentiation, and credibility.

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