#WeeklyDigest [W15Y21]

A quick briefing in five or fifty minutes deeper dive. You choose according to your preferences. What insights in this edition? Fast-surfing consumers are trying out new brands, stores, products, and websites. Can loyalty programs keep pace?

A dynamic and interactive live program, meetings: 4 days per 4 hours each, substantive content (no sales presentations), possibility to ask questions, gamification mechanism, bonuses, and many more. Register here!

Experts predict the end of third-party cookies in Google Chrome for the middle of 2022. So there is still time for new technologies to emerge. With that said, 32.1% of professionals will increase their investment in new solutions, whatever these may look like. Watch this space for updates on the Cookiepocalypse – and strategies to make the most of your first-party data.

Effectively crafting and pitching captivating data-driven stories to organization leaders, potential customers, partners, investors, and peers is a vital skill to master. Connect with your audience on the emotional level and inspire action.

"Engaged: Designing for Behavior Change" is the first book on the market that describes not only behavioural tools for changing behaviour but also how to use COM-B's behavioural methodology to plan better marketing activities. It brings academic theory to life through relevant examples and actionable insights. This purpose-driven approach inspires people to achieve meaningful goals, learn and grow, and connect with one another.

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