#WeeklyDigest [W20Y21]

Acquiring new customers can be time consuming and expensive. How to develop a successful loyalty program that customers trust.

Topics include:

  1. brand loyalty: short- and long-term strategy

  2. moments of impact: supporting the customer journey and utilizing smart segmentation

  3. utilizing omnichannel communication: email, push and more

  4. when and how to add value when it matters most: continual improvement for loyalty

The Premier League will increase the excitement surrounding every game through new in-match statistics that provide a deeper understanding of the live-action on the pitch. Oracle’s data, analytics and machine learning technologies will deliver these groundbreaking statistics in real-time to global broadcast coverage and across the Premier League’s social channels.

Find value from your marketing data with pre-built reports! The fastest way to start gaining insights from your data in Data Studio is to use a report template that answers common questions marketers have about their Google marketing data. Each of these templates contains a data control, which lets you select the account you want to see and make a copy unless you want to customize the report to fit your needs better.

Will creating a solution to the problem delight your customers? Will eliminating this pain point make them want to use your product or service? Would they be willing to pay for it? Use this tool to assess the size of a customer problem and determine if solving it could produce value for your business.

To reach today's customers and influence their purchases, marketers and need to understand and harness the power of applied behavioural psychology and behavioural economics to break through the nonconscious filters and drive the purchase behaviours-a process called Mindstate Marketing. How to create behaviorally optimized messaging designed to activate mindstates and trigger real emotional engagement that compels people to listen, care, and act.

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