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How should modern marketers be thinking about artificial intelligence and machine learning? How to develop a strategy and a plan to implement AI into their marketing toolkit? This book offers a direct, actionable plan CMOs can use to map out properly sequenced initiatives and designed for success—regardless of where their marketing organization is in the process.

Many promotions don’t turn a profit at all, or at least they don’t add nearly as much profitable revenue as retailers expect. What are the factors in determining price sensitivity? How to build a clearer picture of where to target promotions?

Pro-tips from Marketing, Sales and Customer Service. Michał Sadowski is the founder of Brand24 - a media monitoring tool used by thousands of customers from over 120 countries. Mentor in the New York edition of the Founder Institute. Startup Founder of the Year in The Next Web Startup Awards competition. Author of the best-selling book "The Social Media Revolution".

Understand the key benefits of AI technology. Keep your customers engaged and drive higher ROI using real-time customer data and ultra-personalized, highly relevant customer experiences across channels and devices, at scale. What can you learn?

  1. Recent & future advancements of AI for marketing.

  2. Success stories from brands that are tapping into AI-powered personalization.

  3. How AI is the answer to the new customer reality brought on by the global pandemic.

High levels of retail returns are not inevitable. Better management of consumer expectations, reverse logistics, process ownership, or data limitations can reduce the cost and improve consumer loyalty at the same time.

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