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In a recent McKinsey survey, 71 per cent of consumers said they would be more interested in resale, rental or refurbished fashion after the COVID-19 pandemic ends. Bottom line? Retailers need to follow their customers — and it’s clear that customers not only want to be fashionable but clutter-free and sustainable too.

How to empower marketers to create the best, connected customer experiences? Marketers need an intelligent platform that picks up on consumer behaviour changes and enables them to engage with customers in new ways...

In an unprecedented environment with an uncertain end, loyalty may seem like a backburner priority. "When we think about loyalty, it's not just the program. We're thinking about the customer behind the scenes, the insights about those customers. Loyalty can give you insights across all channels about who your most valuable customers are and their patterns..."

We looked at how more than 860 executives across the globe are prioritizing investments and capabilities that help accelerate growth. The companies that use the three elements achieve dramatically higher average growth rates. How to boost average growth rates even by 2.7 times?

These are some of the ground rules if you work at Netflix. They are part of a unique cultural experiment that explains how the company has transformed itself at lightning speed from a DVD mail order service into a streaming superpower - with 190 million fervent subscribers.

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