#WeeklyDigest [W40Y21]

After three years, customer loyalty had increased by 33 per cent, reaching the top quartile for the industry. Customer attrition had fallen by 60 per cent, and cross-sell rates had exceeded their targets. What's the story behind these numbers?

How to provide added value by integrating new channels and apps while growing alongside an organization’s needs?

  1. Learn how to connect your tech stack to optimize consumer engagement by creating the joined-up experiences customers expect from brands.

  2. Discover how an extensible platform continues to pay dividends by increasing operational efficiency, reducing time to market, and increasing customer retention (reducing churn).

  3. Scrutinize the Selligent platform built with extensibility at its core.

How to tune in to the voice of customers and unlock performance improvements? What are the 8 best practices that would supercharge your VoC program and deliver positive ROI?

Be helpful and inspire your customers! With a little imagination, your old things can be new again. The Swedish retailer focuses its marketing on how we can all live more responsibly with its products. By 2030 Ikea is going to be fully circular, which requires designing products using only renewable and recyclable materials; and eliminating waste.

Customer experience is the critical brand differentiator. Discover 54 hands-on descriptions that help you implement the key methods used in service design, including instructions, guidelines, and tips-and-tricks for research, ideation, prototyping, and facilitation activities.

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